2020 TAA Credit Hours Overview

(All Time Listed Are Central Daylight Time)

Academy Week Hours

(Unless noted as optional, the following are required activities during the Academy week)


July 6 – July 11

Pre-Academy Zoom Training Webinar (1 Hour)


July 12 (Sunday)  

Performance and Orientation Session (2 Hours)


July 13 - July 17 (Monday through Friday)  

• 2 Daily Morning Core Classes  (2.5 Hours X 5 Days = 12.5 Hours)

9:00-10:15 AM and 10:30-11:45 AM


• 1 Daily Offering of Musings or Art Exhibition Tours or Performances (1 Hour X  Days = 5 Hours)

1:00 -2:00 PM


• Daily Interludes During the Academy Week  (6 Total Required During the Full Week = 3 Hours)

(A minimum of one Interlude per day is recommended. Participants can do as many Interludes beyond six as desired in order to achieve additional hours)

2:15-2:45 PM

3:00-3:30 PM

3:00-4:00 PM (A One Hour Session counts for 2 Interludes)

3:45-4:15 PM

4:30–5:00 PM


July 15 (Wednesday)

• An Evening with Aaron Lazar and Friends: Honoring America’s Arts Teachers

Optional Activity (1.5 Additional Hours)



Total of 23.5 Hours

More hours may be earned by attending additional Interludes above and/or the Optional Activity.


Post-Academy Hours

To gain the TAA re-certification certificate you will need to earn 36 total hours of Academy credit. If you do the required minimum classes and activities during the Academy week, you will receive 23.5 hours of credit. Participants may choose to complete the remaining hours needed (12.5 hours) to gain the Academy certificate leisurely during the two week post-Academy period after the Academy concludes or max out their hours during the Academy by taking extra Interlude classes and optional sessions in order to complete the 36 hours more quickly.


Here is the recommended approach in order to receive the additional 12.5 hours during the post-Academy period:


On Your Own Time Schedule After the Academy Week concludes:

• Watch a minimum of two TAA Archived Musing Sessions.Each Musing is one hour long. (2 Hours of Viewing Time)

• Watch/Listen to Performances/Museum Tours/Best of the Best & Connections/Documentaries posted in the TAA Resources Section on the TAA virtual site; find and watch/listen to programming suggested by TAA faculty; find and watch/listen to similar programming you are able to find on your own. (3 Hours of Viewing/Listening Time)

• “Choose Your Own” Hours. (Choose from any one of the above for additional hours) (3.5 Hours of Viewing/Listening Time)


July 22, 2020

• Attend the Networking & Collaboration Session and/or Individual Project Work. (1 Hour)


July 24, 2020

• Attend the Final Wrap-up Day Sessions. (3 Hours)


Total of 12.5 Hours (plus the 23.5 hours you received during the Academy) equals 36


Other Methods to Gain Additional Hours;

1) Participants may choose additional Interludes over and above the six (3 hours total) that are required during the main Academy week. Participants can earn up to seven additional hours by taking the full compliment of Interlude offerings.

2) An Evening with Aaron Lazar and Friends will count for additional hours.  (one hour and 30 minutes)

All extra and optional hours earned during the Academy week help reduce the total hours needed during the post-Academy week period. So for example, if you do ten Interludes during the week of the Academy rather than the required six, you will earn an additional two hours (30 minutes x 4 Interludes = 2 hours).

NOTE: A full one-hour Interlude counts as two 30-minute Interlude sessions.


Participants will have until July 31st to complete their hours to receive the full 36-hour recertification credit. The Final Evaluation form will be available beginning on July 24th at 1PM.

TAA has created a Credit Hours Worksheet to help you keep track of your hours throughout the week of the Academy.

Click here for a printable worksheet.Click here to download an interactive worksheet

If you have questions, please feel free to email (taa@belmont.edu) or call the TAA office. Staff members will be glad to assist you.  

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