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Roger Sams

Roger Sams retired from the music classroom in 2013 after thirty-one years of teaching music. He is a regular presenter at state, regional, and national conferences and has served on the American Orff-Schulwerk Association’s national board of trustees. He has been an active clinician and Orff instructor for more than two decades and has taught in Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Poland, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, and throughout the United States. Sams is trained in Gestalt therapy and is interested in the power of choice in the artistic process and in life. He is co-author of Purposeful Pathways: Possibilities for the Elementary Music Room, the composer of several choral octavos published in the Crooked River Choral Project series, and a book of rounds and partner songs titled A Round My Heart. He is currently the creative director at TeachingWithOrff.com.

Roger Sams

's Core Class

This session will explore ways to integrate Orff Schulwerk, Kodály, and eurhythmics with integrity. Participants will learn how using divergent pathways to work with the same material can develop skills and foster deeper understanding. Improvisation and composition are woven into the lessons, giving educators an opportunity to practice their skills, demonstrate understanding, and express themselves artfully.

Roger Sams

's Interludes

Music Connections - Roger Sams

During this session, Roger Sams will be in his virtual classroom ready to answer specific questions and to provide one-on-one time with participants who desire additional information about elementary music related issues or music education concerns.

Movement as Meditation

Give your mind a break, and let your body move and release some tension. This session is a chance to experience free, expressive movement as a form of meditation. With eyes mostly closed, participants will be guided to pay attention to their breath and relax. From this state of relaxation, they’ll explore free movement while isolating different parts of the body. This focus on gentle movement and the breath creates the possibility for releasing tensions and experiencing moments of inner peace. This one’s all about self-nourishment.

2:15–2:45 PM
Tennessee Arts Academy

Belmont University / 1900 Belmont Blvd. / Nashville,TN 37212

Email: taa@belmont.edu / Phone: 615-460-5451

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