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Nicole Brisco

Nicole Brisco has been a high school art teacher for twenty-three years at Pleasant Grove High School in Texarkana, Texas. As a lifelong art education advocate, she has dedicated her career to working with art teachers on the importance of idea building, curriculum innovation, and vertical alignment. She has traveled throughout the country presenting, demonstrating, and helping school districts enhance their art education programs. She has been named the 2019 Ford Educator of Excellence, the 2018 NAEA National Secondary Art Educator of the Year, and the 2017 Texas State Humanities Educator of the Year. Her students have produced work that has garnered state and national awards, as well as earning 99 percent 5s on the Advanced Placement Studio Art Portfolio. Brisco is the school arts high school contributing editor for Davis Publications. In addition, she is a practicing artist who has been featured in more than twenty-five shows and three solo exhibitions.

Nicole Brisco

's Core Class

This innovative workshop for secondary teachers will focus on thematic idea building through planning, media, technique, and design. Participants will explore how to use a variety of material to encourage students to draw, design, or sculpt in ways that enhance their personal and creative voices.

Nicole Brisco

's Interludes

Visual Art Connections - Nicole Brisco

This interlude provides time for smaller group and one-on-one discussion with the instructor.

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