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Mark Rohwer

Mark Rohwer is the director of choral activities at Flower Mound High School in Flower Mound, Texas. He holds degrees in music education from Northwestern University, the Eastman School of Music, and The Ohio State University. Under Rohwer’s direction, Flower Mound High School choirs have received consistent and numerous awards at concert and sight-reading contests in Texas. They have also received outstanding performance and best-in-class awards at festivals throughout the country. Choirs from Flower Mound High School have performed at the Texas Music Educators Association Conference and the American Choral Directors Association Southwestern Divisional and National conventions. Rohwer is an active member of the Texas Music Educators Association and currently serves as president of Region Two. He is also a member of the Texas Choral Directors Association and was the high school division vice president from 2011 to 2013. Additionally, he has served as a guest lecturer for part of the summer master’s degree program at the University of North Texas.

Mark Rohwer

's Core Class

In choral music and singing, the chosen repertoire will affect every aspect of teaching and student learning. In these sessions, participants will work through the process of considering, searching, selecting, and using repertoire to help them achieve their curricular goals for the year. The session will cover the philosophy behind repertoire selection, where to find quality repertoire, as well as single and multi-year planning. The ways programming choices impact the wider community beyond the classroom will also be discussed.

Mark Rohwer

's Interludes

Music Connections - Mark Rohwer

During this session, Mark Rohwer will be in his virtual classroom ready to answer specific questions and to provide one-on-one time with participants who desire additional information about secondary choral music related issues or music education concerns.

Leading Without Pushing

What does it mean to “lead” a group of artists? How does a person lead and get things done without being pushy or autocratic? This interlude will focus on fostering vertical and horizontal leadership among groups of arts educators and how these skills can be used to help groups accomplish things together.

2:15–2:45 PM
Tennessee Arts Academy

Belmont University / 1900 Belmont Blvd. / Nashville,TN 37212

Email: taa@belmont.edu / Phone: 615-460-5451

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