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Juliana Lee

Juliana Lee builds partnerships in the nonprofit, corporate, and entertainment industries by connecting people with the causes that drive them to create stronger communities. In her primary role, she serves as strategic development director for Give A Note Foundation. In addition to partnership development, she manages the Music Education Innovator Award initiative, which identifies and invests in non-traditional Kindergarten through twelfth grade public school music programs across the country. For the past twelve years, she has supported and strengthened local and national projects in partnership with CMA Foundation, Hot Topic Foundation, Gibson Brands, Disney, and others. An active member of several entertainment organizations, Lee has developed close connections with artists and industry executives to support the thriving creative communities in cities across the country, including Nashville.

Juliana Lee

's Core Class

Everyone wants to develop creatively engaging programs that enhance student experiences. How this can be accomplished is unique to each community. The conversations in this session, which will be led by Juliana Lee, will help teachers and administrators assess their roles in this ecosystem and show them how to engage others along the way.

Juliana Lee

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