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Carlos Xavier Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez holds degrees from Pitzer College, the University of California, Los Angeles, and Northwestern University. He has previously held appointments at the University of South Florida, University of Iowa, and The Ohio State University. Rodriguez is a general music specialist who teaches secondary general methods courses, student teaching seminars, music technology, graduate courses in history and philosophy of music education, and international perspectives in music education. A leading authority on the intersections of popular music and music education, he has published articles and presented conference papers nationally and internationally on musical development, musicality, musical expression, creativity, and popular music and culture. He has recently edited the new book Coming of Age: Teaching and Learning Popular Music in Academia.

Carlos Xavier Rodriguez

's Core Class

The music teaching profession is becoming increasingly diverse, with new secondary general music courses on the rise and new choral and instrumental ensemble leaders teaching them. In order to provide music education that makes a positive difference in students’ lives, educators must first embrace their personal musicianship by sharing how and why music is meaningful to them—through storytelling, demonstration, and reflection. During the week, participants will explore topics they can use as the basis for secondary general music classes, such as songwriting, the role of popular music as a learning medium, and the use of technology in the creation of music. Participants will then use a provided template to develop and share a proposal for a secondary general music course, which will help generate multiple ideas for future use.

Carlos Xavier Rodriguez

's Interludes

Music Connections - Carlos Xavier Rodriguez

During this session, Carlos Xavier Rodriguez will be in his virtual classroom ready to answer specific questions and to provide one-on-one time with participants who desire additional information about secondary general music related issues or music education concerns.

Music Education in China

China is a country rich in traditions and bold in its search for innovation, including music teaching and learning. In this session, Carlos Rodriguez will share the experiences he had during a ten-day residency at Central China Normal University, including lecturing and observing courses for pre-service teachers, visiting an elementary and middle school, attending a music concert, and learning about Chinese art and culture.

3:45–4:15 PM
Tennessee Arts Academy

Belmont University / 1900 Belmont Blvd. / Nashville,TN 37212

Email: taa@belmont.edu / Phone: 615-460-5451

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